Survivor Rally;

Where all Roads Lead to Charity


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how important it is to be fully informed before signing up for our event. That’s why we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions for you to check out. We hope this provides the information you need, but if you have a question not listed here, simply reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help.

What is a Road Rally?

A Road Rally is a scenic drive with a purpose, a chance to enjoy a day with like-minded people, and as one participant described it, "The most intense thing I have ever done."

Considering that his, "most intense thing" was done on a public road without ever breaking any laws in a car with absolutely no modifications – it's clear that a Road Rally is much more than a simple phrase can describe.

Because events do not involve speed, teams do not need specialized equipment for their car. Often teams will do the events with only pens, paper, a wristwatch and GPS. On the rare occasion the Road Rally is held at night, a small flashlight might be needed.

A Road Rally starts months in advance when organizers plan a route for teams to follow, determine safe and legal speeds for each portion and then write up mystery-style clues for teams to follow.

When designing the route, organizers make sure to set average speeds below the speed limits for the roads traversed. Competitors should never feel the need to speed or drive unsafe. The goal of a Road Rally is precision, not risk.

When the day of the event arrives, teams will compete to see who is the best at reading the route instructions carefully, following the route, and maintaining the assigned average speeds. Road Rally teams are made up of two people with one of them – the pilot – keeping eyes on the road and the other – the co-pilot – reading directions, figuring out times and helping spot landmarks.

Competition is measured by how many checkpoints are completed based on the mystery clues given. Also awarded is a trophy for the most funds donated to the charity.

Is it safe to participate?

Survivor Rally is NOT a Car Race. Every team will sign a waiver. Every team must obey ALL traffic laws.

You are responsible for your vehicle. The terrain for the most part is paved roads. However, you are responsible for the wear and tear on your vehicle.

We recommend driving smoothly and carefully, make good decisions on where to place your vehicle, and don't drive over your abilities of your car or truck's capabilities. If you drive too fast, make poor driving decisions, etc., you can cause harm to you and your vehicle.

How does Survivor Rally work?

Each day the pilot and co-pilot receives a instructions that indicate a mystery clue for each checkpoint and instructions on what is required to get points for each checkpoint. Along the course route there will be from 10 to 14 checkpoints. The score for each team is the result of the team's ability to follow the designated course instructions precisely. The course mostly avoids segments on interstate highways, opting instead for scenic local, county, and state highways whenever possible through some of the prettiest country in the United States.

Who are the organizers?

Ruth and Phil are car enthusiasts in the Twin Cities area. They met through their love of their cars. They both happen to own Ford Mustangs and Trucks. However, they enjoy all cars, trucks and bikes.

Ruth and Phil decided to start Survivor Rally after participating in Crown Rally and Kannonfall in 2018. The purpose of Survivor Rally is to give back to a charity that is near and dear to both of their hearts and a charity that is for an “Unspoken” cause such as Domestic Abuse or Suicide Awareness.

What do my Registration Fees Cover?

Registration fees for 2022 cover:

  • Admin items such as advertising flyers and equipment needed to put on the event - 2%
  • Charity donation - 8%
  • Checkpoint costs - 12%
  • Food costs - 35%
  • Livery kit costs - 13%
  • Lodging costs - 20%
  • Swag bag costs - 6%
  • For VIP it also covers mobile detailing - 4%

Is there an age/vehicle type restriction?

Any street legal, plated vehicle that can seat 2 or more people and able to drive on interstates at the posted legal speed limit is eligible to participate.

Due to legal reasons and the nature of the event the Pilot team member must be 18 years of age or older.

What do I need to bring?

  • A Street Legal Vehicle covered by an automobile insurance policy
  • 2 people (Pilot and Co-Pilot)
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Helmets (if participating in the track event)
  • Something to write with or take notes with
  • Flashlight (possibly)
  • Clothes for the weekend
  • Drinks/Munchies for the Road
  • Fun and Giving Spirit

Can a Pilot and Co-Pilot switch duties at any point in the rally?

A Pilot and Co-Pilot (in the same car of course) can switch places anytime and as often as they want throughout the day, as long as the Co-Pilot is age 18 or over and has a valid driver's license that is not suspended.

What if I have never done a rally?

Welcome to your first experience in Rally Life! Survivor Rally is uniquely designed to provide a fun and exhilarating experience from the novice to most seasoned participants.

Do we need to pay in full at registration?

Contact [email protected] for more information if you need to arrange a payment plan. Otherwise you can register and pay in full by clicking on the “Sign Up Today"  on the home page.

What are the Awards?

  • First to Register
  • Furthest Driven
  • Most Charitable
  • Most Points
  • Most Team Spirit
  • Best Theme
  • Endurance
  • Billboard on Wheels
  • Track Event Champion
  • Trivia Event Champion
  • TBD Awards Coming Soon

Can my family and friends come along?

We encourage you to get your family and friends involved in Survivor Rally! Family and friends are welcome to be with you at the beginning launch in Minnesota. They are also welcome on the Rally if they properly fit in your vehicle. There will be an additional fee for extra participants to cover food/lodging costs.

Can I bring my furry family members (IE: pets)?

Due to the nature of a road rally, it is strongly discouraged to bring your pets with you. Matter-of-fact some hotels on the rally will not allow animals. Feel free to bring your human pets with you though! Check the cost of additional passengers for the year when you decide how many of these human pets you want to bring. LOL!

Exception: The ADA requires State and local government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations (covered entities) that provide goods or services to the public to make "reasonable modifications" in their policies, practices, or procedures when necessary to accommodate people with disabilities. The service animal rules fall under this general principle. Accordingly, entities that have a "no pets" policy generally must modify the policy to allow service animals into their facilities.

If you have a service animal, please check the restaurants and hotels for that year's rally ahead of time for accommodations.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the production costs, permitting fees, guarantees the organization must make per team and limited number of team spots, please understand and respect the cancellation policy you are agreeing to.

  • From Registration Open – July 15th: 50% of full registration fee will be retained.
  • From July 15th – August 15th: 75% of full registration fee will be retained.
  • From August 15th – Event: 100% of full registration fee will be retained.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing. An email is valid, but your cancellation is not considered final until a rally staff person confirms receipt of the email. If you do not receive a notice, please contact the rally office immediately.